5 Ways to Stay in Shape During Quarantine

With quarantine still going on for many people as the pandemic continues for the U.S. exercise routines of all kinds have come to a grinding halt. Luckily, I, Wayne Emerson Gregory Jr. have a few tips to keep your body healthy during these difficult times.

Hopefully, you find these five fitness tips helpful and if you’re doing them already, be sure to keep up the hard work and pass on the message to any struggling friends! It can be so tough to find the motivation to stay in shape amidst the pandemic but it is an important part of living and is a lot easier than you think.


1. Go Running/Walking Through Nature

The most popular (and obvious) way of keeping up with your fitness while keeping up with social distancing is to go on a run. Many treadmill runners who are staying away from crowded gyms are finding running through the neighborhood or through a park to be a welcome change of pace.

Even if you live in a crowded city there is almost certainly a place you can go to with a walking trail or a track to run around. Even if there isn’t a designated place for running near you, it is never a strange sight to see someone jogging along the sidewalk.

2. Try Bodyweight Workouts

For those that are looking to burn calories and keep themselves toned, bodyweight workouts can be done at home and can work wonders.

This one is a solid Wayne Emerson Gregory Jr. tip and, even if we weren’t all in quarantine, these types of workouts do wonders for your physique. If you are looking for some great calorie burn and don’t enjoy running, try some low impact cardio or some high-intensity interval training.

3. Download Fitness Apps

Despite most people believing that looking at your phone doesn’t really help you stay in shape, these apps are surprisingly pretty effective. There are tons of them available so you can also really look around if others don’t mesh too well with you.

These apps can offer full workout routines of all kinds and, so long as you follow them as intended, they do offer great exercise ideas and leave a lot of room for creativity in your routine as well.

4. Online Fitness Challenges

Online fitness challenges can offer you great ideas and even an entire routine that you can stick to so you can stay in shape without heading to the gym.

What’s more, is that these fitness challenges usually spare no expense in actually challenging you. Many of them even have levels where they separate the more casual exercises from the hardcore ones.

Plus, there are an almost endless amount of these challenges out there. Even if you do a different one every day, you will probably never run out of new ones to find as there seems to be a new one posted on some fitness forum almost daily.

5. Take Virtual Classes

Many gyms and studios are recognizing that it is not safe to hold large gatherings of people for anything, especially a fitness class. So, changing with the times, some of these studios are offering online classes that can be taught by professionals.

These fitness leaders may not be Emerson Gregory, but they certainly know what they’re doing. However, these classes might not be for everyone because they require a decent internet connection and the instructors tend not to stop if one person is lagging behind.

The Wrap-Up

While these five tips to stay in shape while in quarantine are all great and common ways to do so, this list is by no means exhaustive. There are plenty of other ways to keep your body happy even if you aren’t leaving the house.

These tips are all just about exercise and, for example, how to eat properly to stay in shape during quarantine is a whole topic by itself. For brevity’s sake, I’ll leave it at: always remember to hydrate and eat your fruits and veggies.

If you still need some extra information on personal health concerns, contact me, Wayne Emerson Gregory, with further health questions.

Author Bio

Wayne Emerson Gregory Jr. is a trained healthcare provider that uses his personality and experience to provide patients with the best experience possible. Wayne is a passionate individual who works with each patient on an individual level to provide impactful, personalized care. As Wayne is a results-driven healthcare professional, he ensures every step in the healthcare process improves the lives of the patients he cares for.


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  • One of the downsides of living in SC is rainy winters. Literally, I have to force myself into going outside in the elements to exercise. However, once I power through it, I almost always feel like I have made the biggest gains – as opposed to a bright sunny day. Keep up the good work, Mr. Wayne Emerson Gregory Jr..

    • Point well made Ashley. We have had a lot of rain in SC. It is important to get outside to get exercise in between the rain. Make it a priority to get your workout in. You can also walk around stores when the weather is bad. Have a great day.

  • I would like to add to your post, Wayne Emerson.
    “Virtual challenges can help you make exercising into a habit. You are 4 times more likely to achieve your goal if you also join a Conqueror challenge, because it helps you setup a SMART fitness goal and it motivates you from start to finish.”

  • How do you feel about using light weights in addition to bodyweight workouts?

  • Awesome post Emerson Gregory! I noticed you are using a lot of technology integration within your fitness recommendations and that is something I have traditionally been a bit resistant to- I think I will change my outlook on fitness apps. Thanks again.

    • Nicole, glad you like my blog. I try to include technology to demonstrate the importance of fitness for everyone. Fitness apps can be wonderful. Be sure to research them before purchasing fitness apps. Some are far better than others.


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